Uncategorized Top 5 Greeley is the 5th-ranked city in the whole country for one year appreciation.  This is according to the Federal Housing Finance Authority’s most recent quarterly report.  They track close to 300 markets all over the U.S. For the first time in a long time, the Fort Collins/Loveland market did not make the top 20 list- […]
Uncategorized April Showers The April results are in for Larimer and Weld County… Larimer County had 547 residential sales for the month, 11% fewer than a year ago.  Weld County was up 13% compared to last year with 493 sales. Why is Larimer down and Weld up?  It’s mostly driven by affordability – there tend to be more […]
Uncategorized 18 Days We now measure inventory levels in terms of days.  Typically we measure in months.  For instance, a “balanced market” is when there is 4 to 6 months of inventory currently for sale.  Meaning that, in a balanced market, it would take 4 to 6 months to sell every home that is currently on the market. […]
Uncategorized Top 4/Bottom 4 At the end of this weekend College Basketball’s Final 4 will be established.  It might make you wonder, what the top 4 and bottom 4 real estate markets across the country? Here they are, ranked by the last 12 months of appreciation according to fhfa.gov: Top 4: Tacoma, WA             14.6% […]
Uncategorized Fast Start If you are watching the Olympics this week you probably notice that a fast start can make all the difference. We notice that the luxury market is off to a fast start so far in 2018 in Northern Colorado. 2018 is ahead of 2017 by a score of 8 to 0. Here’s what we mean. […]
Uncategorized The Antidote The stock market is in turmoil this week (I’m guessing that you’ve noticed). Investors feel like they’re strapped into a roller coaster at Coney Island- up and down and all around they go, thrashed around by the whims of the market. These are words currently on financial news websites: Whiplash, Volatile, Wild Ride, Plunge! But, […]
Uncategorized Nationally Speaking Here are some interesting stats on the national real estate market shared by Windermere’s Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner at our Market Forecast two weeks ago: The Case-Shiller Home Price Index, which tracks 20 markets around the country, is still 12% below it’s 2005 peak when adjusted for inflation. New Home starts in 2018 are projected to be 900,000.  In […]
Uncategorized Bubbly? Because our Northern Colorado market has been so active over the last four years, clients often ask us if we think there is a housing bubble forming. There are several key statistics which we track closely in order to answer that question. Here is one fact that we find to be insightful… One of the […]
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Uncategorized Our Forecast Last night was our annual Market Forecast event. Thank you to the 400 clients and friends who joined us at the Marriott. Here are our predictions for where prices are going in 2018: Fort Collins 8% Loveland 7% Greeley 9% Last year’s average price increases looked like this: Fort Collins 7% Loveland 8% Greeley 11% Low inventory […]
Uncategorized What’s Up? First things first, this is your last call to register for our Annual Forecast.  If you want clarity on what is happening in the market, this is the event to attend.  We will be live at 5:30 Thursday the 18th at the Marriott.  RSVP to www.windermereforecast.com Now, what’s going up?  According to our Cheif Economist Matthew Gardner, […]
Uncategorized A Look Back Here are some fun facts about 2017… (By the way, be sure to RSVP for our Market Forecast on January 18th so you can hear our predictions for next year. Click HERE to register) In 2017: $4.6 billion of residential real estate was sold in Larimer and Weld Counties.  ($2.8 in Larimer and $1.8 in Weld).  This volume is double what […]
Uncategorized What it Means The new tax bill is expected to be signed by the end of the year.  Here is a summary of what it means for your real estate… (By the way, be sure to RSVP for our Market Forecast on January 18th so you can hear our predictions for next year.  Click HERE to register) The new tax bill: Retains […]
Uncategorized Rate Recap The Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 0.25% this week.  It was their 3rd rate increase this year. This has us thinking about mortgage rates. Today, 30-year mortgage rates are 3.93%. Let’s put this in context with  a little history lesson.  Mortgage rates were… 3.90% 6 months ago 4.13% 1 year ago 3.54% 18 months ago […]
Uncategorized Get Real A story ran this week which highlighted the number of people who have moved out of Colorado. Let’s get real, there are still a large number of people moving to Colorado. In fact, 223,000 moved to Colorado from another state last year according to the latest American Community Survey from the U.S. Census Bureau. The […]
Uncategorized Turnover Rate? A key statistic in residential real estate is the turnover rate. In a neighborhood of 100 homes, how many are likely to sell in the next year? We’ve just done the research for both Larimer and Weld County. The turnover rate for both of these locations is roughly 8.5%. In Larimer County there are approximately […]